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Clairvoyant Maria has been helping people with her psychic gifts most of her life.  She became a professional psychic reader in 1976 and has many world wide satified clients ever since.  From house wives to actors and even a few famous footballers,  they have all sought out Maria’s psychic gifts to see what the future holds.  She worked from her home Glebe House doing readings in Denton for many years before moving to Crystal Lodge  Hyde.

Maria has appeared on TV, radio and before large audiences throughout the North West  her book was a best seller back in the 1980’s.  Maria is now semi retired. Anyone who knows her will tell you is hard to get her to slow down. Her connection to spirit is  loud and clear.  She couldn’t give it up if she tried,  the spirits love talking through her. Her connection to lost loved ones in spirit are often deemed remarkable.

When you’re looking for divine guidance to help with today’s world. The best psychic medium to get a reading from is simply Maria. Her no nonsense straight talking technique will not leave you wondering what she meant. She gets direct to the point and tells you like it is every time.  It’s an old fashioned approach that keeps her clients coming back year after year.

Maria’s psychic gifts are many. She is clairvoyant which means she sees spirits. She is also clairaudient which means she also hears spirit.  She also a light trance medium and it’s second nature to her to channels messages from spirit at the drop of a hat.  She really good at reading tarot cards. Want to know what the future holds? Ask Maria to read your cards. Your future isn’t cast in stone. You have options available to you that you may not have even considered. A good psychic reading will help you explore those options.

Mair’a talks to your Angels, spirit guides and lost loved ones during your reading. They give her messages and guidance filled with love and encouragement. Your psychic reading with Mar’a isn’t for a set time.
During your reading you will hear what you need to hear in order for you to make the best
of your current situation. Every once in a while a good psychic reader will come along and stand the test of time and Maria is that psychic. After all, she still sees some of the same clients she did back in the 1970’s.

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